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Saturday, April 29th, 2017

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The origin and the history of the hang drum

The hang drum was first introduced in the year of 2002 by lark, who is a dealer of the musical instruments at that time he sold the hang in the U.S.A and because of this new name it created a reason for the PAN Art’s to terminate their business relation with this musical instrument dealer. After that the term hang drum has been spread quickly to the English speaking people and on the internet.  The reason of making it easy on the internet search is that because when we use another word with the combination of hang made easier or the search engines to search it.

Today this word is mostly used by the musician that who likes to become a known person on the internet and also it is used by the person who encountered it. The first thing which we need to be clear is that this instrument is not technically called as the hang drum but in fact it is called as the hang or the hang instrument. This hang instrument is a member of the idiophone class which is also known as the steel drum or hang pan and because of the wish of its original creator it got the name hang drum but hand pan is the most appropriate name for this instrument. At first the instrument does not have the beautiful resonant sound and the design too then in order to overcome this problem they made the hand and the instruments image on it and this brought the hang drum for sale to high. Read More